Wunderschöne Motive gemalt auf einem Keks

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Some people were just born with a talent. But only practicing creates masters. When you look at Kseniia’s cookie creations, you can hardly imagine that this girl from California (USA) is just 12 years old.

It is important for me to emphasize that she is not only talented. Ksennia actually already creates stunning cookies!

Die Cookie Künstlerin Ksennia Kosulina
Cookie Artist Kseniia Kozulina from California (USA) (© Kseniia Kozulina)

To be frank, she is one of my favorite international cookie artists. Absolutely stunning and breathtaking are usually not the terms used to describe cookies. But there is nothing more suitable to express the design of her outstanding cookies.

Let me introduce you to this young talented international cookie artist and tell you her story.

When did Kseniia start?

Literally speaking, Kseniia started drawing before she started walking. It is her family tradition to bake gingerbread sweets every New Year. Kseniia observed cookie baking and started her first steps decorating cookies when she was hardly 3 years old.

Mädchen mit Blumen gemalt auf einem Keks
Girl with flowers painted on a cookie (© Kseniia Kozulina)

She got into it seriously Christmas of 2018. One day she was watching YouTube while suddenly a cookie decorating video popped up on her screen. Kseniia was fascinated and watched the cookie decorating video from the beginning to the end. This was the moment when she luckily felt in love with cookie decorating. 

Wunderschöne Motive gemalt auf einem Keks
Beautiful motifes on cookies created by Kseniia Kozulina (© Kseniia Kozulina)

Kseniia started her cookie decorating journey and her first trials.  She recreated some of the cookies she found online. The first time it was a complete fail. But giving up is not an option for Kseniia. She tried out a new recipe and used more ingredients. And finally the cookies turned out awesome!

This is the reason why I asked Kseniia for a story for my website. And I’m so happy that she accepted. My gut feeling says that there is an outstanding girl who is so talented, so gifted and so much supported from her parents that there is nothing more to expect than a great future for her – whatever she is choosing as future life and profession for her.

Eine Eule gemalt auf einem Keks
An owl painted on a cookie (© Kseniia Kozulina).

Kseniia’s cookies and techniques

From the age of 7, she started taking watercolor classes with professional artist Fedor Usachev. He is the one that helped her to get where she is right now.  Kseniia  is very thankful for the support of Fedor Usachev. The skills of watercolor helped her with making wonderful miniature pieces on her cookies. Decorating cookies fulfils Kseniia so much that she spends about 24 hours a week on her hobby.

Rosenmuster auf Keksen
Roses in mosaic techniques on a cookie (© Kseniia Kozulina)

Kseniia’s tips for cookie decorating

Try, try, try and never give up!!! Success comes after many failures. You will regret it if you give up. Kseniia knows for sure that cookie decorating will always be one of her hobbies. She wants to develop it and gain more and more skills.

Die Golden Gate Bridge auf einem Keks
The Golden Gate Bridge painted on a cookie (© Kseniia Kozulina)

The top five cookies that she loves the most are the Owl, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eifel Tower, the Girl and the Roses in mosaic techniques.

Der Eiffelturm auf einem Keks
The Eifel Tower painted on a cookie (© Kseniia Kozulina)

Social media profiles of Kseniia Kozulina

Please follow this talented artist on her social media profiles.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kseniiascreations

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kseniias_creations/

Watch this video on Facebook about Kseniias’s creations.

Thanks for the interview, Kseniia!

More articles in English on my blog: www.goldbergfancycookies.com/blog/category/english

What do you think about these amazing cookies? Please share your thoughts and comment below this article!

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