Bezaubernde Macarons von Katrina Nguyen

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The cute macarons from Katrina Nguyen (USA) are unique. These sweet macarons are almost too good to eat. Katrina Nguyen keeps releasing new creative macarons on social media platforms under the name “Sugardevotion”. I have assembled the best creations by Katrina Nguyen for you. Be surprised and inspired to create your own super cute macrons.

What about these cookie monsters? Adorable macarons – I wouldn’t dare to eat them. They are so cute.


Probably the most creative macarons in the world

Originally from Vietnam, Katrina produces her small works of art in California (USA). Animals, little monsters and other figures are lovingly handcrafted by Katrina.

The precise piping of the macarons is a particular challenge. You need a steady hand. The result is world class. Katrina Nguyen’s macarons are stunning. What you might not be able to imagine: It’s a hobby and Katrina only started doing it a year ago.

Look at these monsters: Aren’t they adorable?!

Also Halloween is an occasion to make super cute macarons. You can hardly imaging what is possible with macarons. Look at this variety.

What about Thanks Giving? Here we go!

This is the cutes pig I’ve ever seen! Look at the detailed faces.

Fairytales and movies are also covered by Katrina Nguyen. Find some inspiration for macarons on this themes.

How do you pipe a macaron fox? Look at the picture below.

Look at these adorable macarons for each season and occasion.

Here is the proof. A macaron is not just a macaron. If you use your creativity and the power of your imagination, you can turn it into whatever shape you like. Each macron who is made with love is beautiful and tasty. So if you do not seek the level of perfection like Katrina, just use these pictures as an inspiration to make your own creative macarons.

For more cute macarons, follow Katrina Nguyen on her social media channels:




Bezaubernde Macarons von Katrina Nguyen
(Foto: © Katrina Nguyen)

Thanks for allowing me to post your beautiful photos, Katrina!

How do you design your macarons? Leave me a comment in the comment section!

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