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“Lorenarodriguezsaenz” has over 42,000 subscribers on Instagram. 6,000 people like “Lorena’s Sweets” on Facebook. What fascinates so many people about the creations of this woman from South America? Discover the story of Lorena and her wonderful cookie creations with fondant!

Lorena Rodriguez – heart and hand behind “Lorena’s Sweets”

Lorena Rodriguez lives in Costa Rica. She is the founder of “Lorena’s Sweets”, a company that designs and manufactures molds for creating cookie designs with fondant. It is an honor for me to introduce you to this great cookie artist and passionate entrepreneur.

Lorena Rodriguez von Lorena's Sweets
Lorena Rodriguez from Lorena’s Sweets (© Lorena Rodriguez)

How it all started

Graphic design and interior design is the background of Lorena Rodriguez. As the creative director of Lorena’s Sweets, she has a lot of passion for cookies.

Lorena has been baking cookies for 25 years. She always enjoyed decorating cookies for friends and family during Christmas. This gave her the opportunity to create different designs and “play” with shapes and colors.

Lorena experimented with fondant and found that it is a very easy to work with and elegant material. Fondant can be colored, cutted, shaped and printed – a creative paradise – and when used in molds, the results are always the same.

Motivated by her husband, Lorena opened an Instagram account in 2016. There she published pictures of her hobby. Very quick a large number of supporters was won – now there are more than 42,000 subscribers. What a great success!

What does Lorena’s Sweets produce?

This very passionate community was the driving force for Lorena to keep going. In September 2017, Lorena was invited to a course for which she made the first cookie decoration set using cookie cutters and silicone molds.

Lorena wants to inspire people in a creative process when it comes to cookie decoration, connect people and encourage them to make creative cookies by themselves.

Without realizing it, Lorena had developed a future-oriented product. This inspires people, from amateurs to professionals. It enables people to make professional, beautiful-looking cookies at home.

“Lorena’s Sweets” produces cookie cutters and silicone mold kits for making cookies that are decorated with fondant. The silicone molds are made in Costa Rica from imported materials.

The cookie cutters are printed in an environmentally friendly 3D printer with PLA plastic. All cookie designs originally come from “Lorena’s Sweets”. There are now over 50 designs available for different occasions.

Where can you find more information about “Lorena’s Sweets”?

If you want to learn more about Lorena or want to follow her on her social media profiles, you can find the links here.




Lorena and her story inspire me a lot. It shows that you can be very successful if you follow your passion and you can build your own company out of a hobby.

I thank Lorena for providing me with her photos for this article!

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